Resources from "Don't Save The World; Just Get Involved" with Adrian Pyle

Our final meeting for 2016 took a different format and presented audio and video resources that proved stimulating.

You might like to access the key resources used by Adrian Pyle in his presentation: "Don't Save the World: Just get Involved!"  Here are the links;

Mary Oliver’s well known poem Wild Geese:


Mary Oliver reading the poem: 

The passage from Robin Myer was from the book Spiritual Defiance: Building a Beloved Community of Resistance

The interview with Parker Palmer and Courtney Martin:

      The full video: 

     Edited audio podcast of the Interview :       

The TEDx presentation with David Whyte:

PCNV Program 2017

PCNV PROGRAM: February to December 2016

SUNDAY 19 FEBRUARY 3.00pm: Julian Burnside will speak on finding a more humane policy for responding to asylum seekers.Venue: Ewing Memorial Centre, Stonnington Uniting Church; Malvern East

Further program TBA

October 2016 Newsletter

The PCNV October Newsletter is now available with a review of Rev Dr Philip Hughes new book "Charting the Faith of Australians" and another of Rev John Smith's book "Honest to GOoD: Discerning the Sacred in the Secular,  reflections on the fourth Common Dreams Conference in Brisbane, and information about the final meeting of 2016: "Don't Save the World, Just Get Involved" led by Adrian Pyle. Click here to download the newsletter. [328KB; PDF]

Podcast from Hugh Mackay Presentation

The Podcast from Hugh Mackay's Presentation to the PCNV on Sunday 26 June “The Good Life and Spirituality” is now available from the PCNV Podcast Store at this link.

Hugh Mackay, social researcher and author of sixteen books, ten in the field of social psychology and ethics.

Recent Audio Files from the PCNV: Robin Meyers; Rowena Allen; Lucas Taylor

As well as audio files on spiritual communities of resistance from Dr Robin Meyers' visit to Melbourne, you can download new audio files of Rowena Allen (Victoria's first Gender and Sexuality Commissioner) talk about inclusivity as a mark of faith and Lucas Taylor from the Beyondering project talk about that project.

May 2016 Newsletter

The PCNV May 2016 Newsletter is now available with news of Robin Meyer's visit to Melbourne and details of Hugh Mackay's coming address to the network. Click here to download the newsletter [317KB; PDF]. The article by Val Webb that is referred to in the Newsletter can be downloaded here [123KB; PDF]

Link: Progressive Spirituality Aotearoa New Zealand

Progressive Spirituality NZ is a site for people exploring just living, spirituality and faith with 21st century sensibilities, especially in an Aotearoa New Zealand context.

PCNV Program: February to December 2016

PCNV PROGRAM: February to December 2016

SUNDAY 28 FEBRUARY 3.00pm: “What might progressive faith projects look like for younger generations?” Lucas and Shaz Taylor. See details later in this newsletter.
Venue: Blackburn North/Nunawading Uniting Church, Nunawading. Melway 48 F9.

NOTE: There is no PCNV meeting in March to avoid clashes with Easter dates
SUNDAY 10 APRIL 3.00pm: “Inclusivity as a Mark of Faith?” Rowena Allen, ‎Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality.
Venue: Blackburn North/Nunawading Uniting Church, Nunawading
MAY 10 – 15: Series of events with Rev Dr Robin Myers, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, the Distinguished Professor of Social Justice at Oklahoma City University, the best selling author of seven books, a widely travelled lecturer and preacher on behalf of Progressive Christianity. His 2012 book, The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus has made a special impact. 

SUNDAY 26 JUNE, 3.00pm: “The Good Life and Spirituality”. Hugh Mackay, social researcher and author of sixteen books, ten in the field of social psychology and ethics.
Venue: Stonnnington Community Uniting Church; Ewing Campus; 59 Burke Rd, Malvern East
SUNDAY 24 JULY, 2.30pm to 5.30pm: “Jesus the Messiah: a Jewish view via the steppes of Moab”. Rabbi Aviva Kipen. 
An expanded meeting to allow time for a variety of activities to explore the topic.

SUNDAY 14 AUGUST, 3:00pm to 5:00pm: “The Gospels are ‘Made on earth’: Why is that important?” Rev Dr Lorraine Parkinson; St Luke’s Uniting Church 174 Barrabool Rd, Highton, Geelong, Vic 3216

SUNDAY 28 AUGUST, 3:00pm to 5:00pm: “How Media Shaped Christianity” Peter HorsfieldUnity of Melbourne, 4 Renown Street, Burwood. Melway 61 D6

SUNDAY 23 OCTOBER: 3:00pm to 5:00pm: “New Directions in Progressive Spirituality”. Three participants in Common Dreams Brisbane will share insights from the conference. Audience will choose follow-up conversations with two. Venue: Stonnnington Community Uniting Church; Ewing Campus; 59 Burke Rd, Malvern East.

3.00pm to 4.45pm: Don't Save the World, Just Get Involved: Activism inspired by a progressive faith is as much an inner as an outer journey. It’s about understanding our own voice and capacities, realising where we need to hear the voice and receive the capacities of others and making room for all the voices and capacities to coexist. And so it is less about “saving the world” and more about knowing what we offer, showing up to offer it and creating the conditions where others can too. Using video content from Quaker wise elder and Beyondering participant Parker Palmer; feminist, activist and author of the Book “Do it Anyway:  The New Generation of Activitists” Courtney Martin; and Poet and Theologian David Whyte, we will enter an afternoon of insight, reflection and conversation about our collective role as activists, whatever our age! Following on from Robin Meyers visit to Melbourne we’ll explore five habits of inner life that help us play our part.
4.45 pm: Annual General Meeting.

Venue: Blackburn North/Nunawading Uniting Church, Whitehorse Road Nunawading

February 2016 Newsletter

The February 2016 Newsletter is now available with reflections on Marcus Borg's contribution to progressive Christian thought, information on Lorraine Parkinson's new book and the schedule of PCNV meetings for 2016 amongst other things. Click here to download now [310KB; PDF]. Note There is an error on page 6 of the Newsletter. The second meeting for this year will be on SUNDAY 10 APRIL not Sunday 20 April.

World-views and Their Implications

PCNV member Graham Ogden discusses how each world-view dictates what we find in any text: