Past Events: John Dominic Crossan in Australia


Below are the details of Dom and his visit to Australia, September 2010:
Esteemed progressive biblical scholar, John Dominic Crossan, made a one-stop-only visit to Australia for four very special events in early September 2010.

Dom's events in Australia addressed three primary questions....

1) What does it mean that, before Jesus ever existed, there was already a human being in that Mediterranean world whose titles were Divine, Son of God, God Incarnate, and God from God?

2) What is the difference in content when Caesar and Christ are both proclaimed as "Saviour of the World"--if we have only one world, why two Saviours?

3) Finally, and climactically, is the God of the Christian Bible violent or non-violent? And, if both, do we conflate those twin visions or--and how--do we decide between them?

John Dominic Crossan was born in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, in 1934. He was educated in Ireland and the United States, received a Doctorate of Divinity from Maynooth College, Ireland, in 1959, and did post-doctoral research at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome from 1959 to 1961 and at the École Biblique in Jerusalem from 1965 to 1967. He was a member of a thirteenth-century Roman Catholic religious order, the Servites (Ordo Servorum Mariae), from 1950 to 1969 and an ordained priest from 1957 to 1969. He joined DePaul University, Chicago, in 1969 and remained there until 1995. He is now a Professor Emeritus in its Department of Religious Studies.

He was Co-Chair of the Jesus Seminar from 1985 to 1996 as it met in twice-annual meetings to debate the historicity of the life of Jesus in the gospels. He was Chair of the Parables Seminar in 1972-76, Editor of Semeia. An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism in 1980-86, and Chair of the Historical Jesus Section in 1993-1998, within the Society of Biblical Literature, an international scholarly association for biblical study based in the United States.

He has received awards for scholarly excellence from the American Academy of Religion in 1989, DePaul University in 1991 and 1995, and an honorary doctorate from Stetson University, DeLand, FL, in 2003.

Marcus Borg and Dom Crossan have co-authored a series of books with HarperOne, San Francisco: "The Last Week: A Day by Day Account of Jesus’s Final Week in Jerusalem" (2006); "The First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach about the Birth of Jesus" (2007); and "The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary behind the Church’s Conservative Icon" (2009).

Dom's newest book "The Greatest Prayer: Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of the Lord's Prayer" will be released in September 2010.

In Melbourne he delivered three day lectures and one major evening lecture. The details were as follows:

Day Lectures:
Tuesday, August 31: Theme: The World of Jesus & Paul

Lecture 1 (10:30-12:00pm) Jewish Covenantal Justice
Lecture 2 (1:00-2:30pm) Roman Imperial Theology
Lecture 3 (3:00-4:30pm) The Power of Parable

Wednesday, September 1: Theme: Jesus & the Kingdom of God

Lecture 4 (10:30-12:00pm) The Life of Jesus
Lecture 5 (1:00-2:30pm) The Death of Jesus
Lecture 6 3:00-4:30pm) The Resurrection of Jesus

Thursday, September 2: Theme: Paul & the Lordship of Christ

Lecture 7 (10:30-12:00pm) Luke & the Life of Paul
Lecture 8 (1:00-2:30pm) Justice & the God of Paul
Lecture 9 (3:00-4:30pm) Gender & the Legacy of Paul

Major Evening Lecture:
Friday, September 3:

Public Lecture: 7:30pm “Divine Violence in the Christian Bible.”

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  1. Hi, fantastic news that you have Crossan coming to Oz. Are there any plans for him to come to Sydney as well? If not and there might be spare time for him to do so, I can organise 1-2 talks. Email me at juswhe @