Of Interest: The label “progressive” is a charged word nowadays ...but is full of possibility.

From the blog Baptimergent: The label “progressive” is a charged word nowadays. It is either one group’s property, or another group’s hissing epithet. It is a word that is overladen with assumptions that limit a more robust understanding of what it means to embody progress......Progress relates to movement. Typically we assume that progress means movement forward and upward. However, in today’s nonlinear world, moving forward and upward is not an automatic good. Our cultural obsession with moving forward and upward was a key factor in the recent economic crisis. Jesus confronted the same dynamic in his followers. ....Progress, in Jesus‘ mind, was not about moving up or forward, but about moving in a direction that made friendship and community possible and sustainable.....Progressive action in the gospel is determined and measured by relationships made, healed, and sustained..... Consequently, the measure of our progressiveness will be found in the nature of belonging within our churches and communities.

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