Of Interest: "Christianity is not an intellectual endeavor. It is not a philosophy. It is a way of life where the heart pumps direction to the hands, mouth and feet."

This title text is from a review of Sara Miles' latest book, "Jesus Freak: Feeding, Healing, Raising the Dead." As the Publishers Weekly quote says of Miles and of the book,

Miles—writer, cook, and founder of San Francisco's (amazing - PCNV edit) St. Gregory's Food Pantry—explains not only gospel texts but stories from her life and the lives of neighbors touched by St. Gregory's mission. Miles's obvious homiletic gifts infuse the narrative: startling metaphors (Jesus as promiscuous boyfriend who'll go with anyone) combine with honest self-reflection and a wry sense of humor, prodding the reader to take ownership of Christ's commands to serve, feed, and heal. Miles believes in Christian formation through experiential practice: recounting her midlife conversion, she states, I tasted Jesus before I read about him. Poignant stories of individuals experiencing healing through serving others abound; in one, reluctant juvenile delinquents working at the food pantry become transformed by the gratitude of those they're helping. Illuminating the challenges of diversity, Miles testifies as a gay Christian claimed by Jesus as an integral part of his body and a Jesus freak among secular friends.

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