Of Interest: "Compassion is not just a sloppy emotional bonhomie; it requires a serious intellectual effort to learn about one another, even if it’s unflattering to ourselves."

In October this year, and following the lead set by Karen Armstrong with her Charter for Compassion, PCNV will explore the complex nature of compassion with a Colloqium on Compassion. In this interview (click here) with Religion Dispatches, Karen Armstrong talks further about the nature of compassion and the size of the project in front of her "Charter."....

This is going to be a very long process. I do not expect people to turn themselves around immediately! And in many ways, compassion is counterintuitive to our Western culture, which is very quick, in the media and politics particularly, to point a finger at others’ failings without taking the time to check out the details and form an accurate assessment. There is a lot of education around the issue of compassion still to be done and we will be addressing this need in our Web site in the New Year. Each week there will be more issues to discuss, refinements and questions answered, and I hope to write a piece weekly about such topics as the compassionate interpretation of scripture, the importance of acquiring accurate information about other people, and what it means to “love” our enemies.

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