Of Interest: "Key biblical texts from the Bible, especially the Old Testament, might be called grey rather than green. The Bible as a whole might well be considered as inconvenient text.”

In 2009, Common Dreams Conference presenter Dr Norman Habel published his latest book, An Inconvenient Text: Is Green Reading of the Bible Possible?

From the Amazon entry for this book: (There are) numerous works on ecotheology and related topics, but relatively few works face the problem of the Bible in the current context. Most scholars find convenient texts in the Bible and ignore those that are inconvenient.

In the history of Christianity, certain texts have been used to justify human exploitation of our planet, colonial invasion of Indigenous lands and the negation of Earth as a temporary disposable home. It is time to face these texts in the current environmental context and consider new approaches to the reading of grey texts in the Bible.

This book’s aim is to pursue a close reading of a selection of grey texts, ...to highlight features that clearly demonstrate their problematic nature; ...(and)... to propose a bold alternative approach for the greening of biblical studies.

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