Of Interest: "The major religions disagree about many things but none of them commend 'Blessed are the greedy.'"

The above title is taken from a December 2009 interview conducted with feminist and eco-theologian Sallie McFague, Distinguished Theologian in Residence at the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, British Columbia. The interview (click here to see it), profiling her 2008 book A New Climate for Theology concentrates on the "inversion of the usual understanding on power, as control." McFague says:

"These realities of our time mean that the vocabulary and sensibility of self-limitation, ego-lessness, sharing, giving space to others, and limiting our energy use no longer sound like a special language for the saints but rather sound like an ethic for all of us, especially those using much more than our fair and sustainable share of the world’s goods. The religions may be the greatest “realists,” with their intuitive appreciation for self-emptying and self-limitation as a way not only to personal fulfillment but also to sane planetary practice. Could it be that the religions might take the lead in exploring and illustrating how an ethic of self-limitation might function in light of the twenty-first-century crisis of climate change?"

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