Of Interest: "Thankfully, I believe we now live in a time in which we are experiencing an enormous shift in the Christian faith – one that is moving us into both an exit and a profound emergence."

Eric Elnes included the title comment in a column for the United Church of Christ in the USA entitled Toward a Profound Emergence. Elnes most poignantly concludes his article with the comment...

A wise, elderly college professor of mine used to insist repeatedly that, "The 'good old days' were really the 'bad old days,' and the only 'good old days' we can hope for are the ones we're actively creating right now." The "good old days" are upon us. To me, the question is not, "Are they here?" but "Do I have eyes to recognize what is emerging, and hands to join in the harvest?"

Eric Elnes' book The Phoenix Affirmations, that spells out many of the notions contained in the article is available from the PCNV bookstore, by clicking here.

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