Of Interest: "This time the blinders were off, and I remained true to myself as I read and learned. I was relaxed and did not put any pressure on myself to commit. I just wanted to learn more so I could decide once and for all where I stood with Christianity."

This quote from PCNV member Brad Topp-Lowe is contained in a personal account of religious seeking written for a Positive Deist publication.

The article makes easy and hope-filled reading for those in the midst of a search for spiritual experience that honours their own journey. The full article can be downloaded by clicking here [PDF; 22KB].

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  1. Brad Topp-Lowe's comment is very helpful. It is a pity that too often commitment is an event, the "closing of the deal" rather than the destination of a considered reflective journey. Coerced commitment sadly makes liars of all of us. We end up trying to please others or a tradition that we may belong to. But when commitment to a way of life, brews and bubbles toward maturity its result is real, rich and tasty!!

    Christopher Page PCNV member