James McGrath: What Does Progressive Panentheist Praise Sound Like?

At his Exploring Our Matrix Blog, James McGrath - Associate Professor of Religion and Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana - has asked this pertinent question of his blog audience. His aim was to "see where the conversation might go" and it has gone in a range of directions. Included amongst those directions are such comments as....

...In my opinion there is no way to quickly generate good new music to fit a new theology. Better to look though songs already made and see which ones uphold your ideals.

...Honestly, I would love someone to start making progressive Christian music that reflects our theology and can be incorporated in progressive Christian churches. I'm a musician, not a writer - otherwise I would jump on this myself!

...My experience of modern Christian music (and older music too, I guess) is that it is written from a point of victory. Either we are the victors or God is the victor. There seems to be little written from the point of view of the oppressed or the loser.

...yes! please! Let's get past those 'Jesus is my boyfriend' songs!

You can add to the conversation at this link.

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