Jenny Burns: "We were encouraged to always to hold our quest for truth more passionately than the truths we think we have arrived at."

This is a quote in the Insights online magazine from an attendee at the recent Common Dreams 2 Conference. In the article, Jenny Burns, shares something of the sense of hope and of communty she felt at the conference, and reflects on some of the most hopeful reflections that she heard, with respect to the future of Christian faith communities. She writes:

So why do I go (to church)? I go partly because I dream. I dream of a church that is different to that described......

I know they exist. However, for many reasons, not all of us can attend those churches.

Another part of why I go to church is because of community. It is a place where, at its best, in the words of Gretta Vosper, “tears are understood, people are heard, we experience intergenerational community, memories of significant events are built”. It is where It is where we worship God and are inspired and taught to live now the kingdom of God.

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