Melbourne Seminar - Homosexuality, Christianity and the Church - Resolving the Conflicts

Event Date: July 17, 2010 - 10:00am

Event Location: East Doncaster Baptist Church 47 Tunstall Rd, Doncaster East 3109
Homosexuality, Christianity and the Church - resolving the conflicts’ is a seminar that helps people find answers to one of the most controversial issues the church has faced in recent times by providing relevant information, insights and clarity. The seminar assists individuals and churches to be more informed about faith/sexuality issues by looking at underlying cultural influences, real and perceived barriers and practical models for change. Each topic is covered in one hour in a respectful environment with an opportunity for questions.

This seminar is relevant for:

1. LGBT people from Christian backgrounds

2. Heterosexual friends and family

3. Churches who want to be more informed and create a space of acceptance for LGBT people

4. Church leadership teams who want a safe space to explore LGBT issues


• Homosexuality and the Church – Why we got it SO wrong.

Ten reasons why Christ-loving Christians have been in error about sexual orientation. The enemy has been ignorance.

• Specific issues faced by LGBT people from faith backgrounds and how to resolve them.

LGBT people from faith backgrounds experience the usual issues of resolution, coming out, finding their place in the community and learning what it means to be gay or lesbian in a straight world. However they often experience these things with greater intensity and have additional issues to deal with.

• Sodom, Leviticus, Romans 1 and I Corinthians 6:9. What are they really saying?

Often referred to as the ‘clobber passages’, there are only six passages in the Bible that refer to same-sex activity and assumed to speak about a homosexual orientation. Looking at these few verses in the light of the historical and cultural contexts and the original languages, we get a very different picture.

• The times they are a changin’

There is a new climate of questioning in many Pentecostal and Evangelical circles. Creating a Space for Change is a model that is facilitating this process.

• Question time


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