A Critique of Progressive Christianity...

In the article at this link (requires Adobe Reader) Uniting Church in Australia aceademic Geoff Thompson offers a critique of streams of thinking in western Christianity labelled as progressive.

Geoff writes: It cannot be denied that much of what PC complains about is real and cannot be swept under the ecclesiastical carpet. Obscurantism, literalism, na├»ve supernaturalism and a graceless moralism are not phantoms imagined by PC. These are real issues in – and real problems for – the life and witness of the contemporary church. It is undeniable that many churches, many Christians, and many ministers have simply retreated from the challenges posed to Christianity from within modern culture. Complaints about theologically-trained ministers failing to engage their congregations theologically are heard too often from too many sources to be ignored. In fact, so significant is the lack of theological engagement within many churches that it could be said that the real threat to an intellectually-engaging Christian witness in this country is not the aggressive moral triumphalism typical of North America’s ‘Christian Right’, but a more pedestrian theological banality.

All of this can be granted, but is PC an adequate remedy for it?

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