"We are witnessing the seismic collapse of Western Christianity.What new birthing are be being invited to?” "

This provocative statement is from Rev. Dr. J. Philip Newell, a leading scholar of Celtic spirituality who was the Warden of Iona Abbey and is a Church of Scotland minister.

He goes on: "How will Christians serve this moment? Will we take a humble place as part of the essential interrelatedness of the whole of life or will we react in fear with ever stronger ossified forms of fundamentalism?"

Newell goes on to suggest 4 key responses that will NOT serve the moment, and they are very much worth a read. See the whole article by clicking here.

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  1. This is an interesting article. I think the sooner the, Western Church, collapses the better. Our theology has been nothing short of outrageous and outdated. For far to long out thinking has been blocked and stifled by Calvinist thinking the essence of which is that we are encouraged to have a grand view of God's love but a microscopic idea of how it is measured out. We speak about the depth of God's love but the bottom is always in view. Large quarters of the Church have long lost the right to be a viable expression of God's love.

  2. I am curious about how, in practical terms, we might encourage the wider church to embrace its decline as an opportunity for renewal? I fear too often progressives either retreat from the conversation altogether, or else enter a dialogue with our fundamentalist siblings which is either combative, or seeks to impose the 'correct' (read: our!) viewpoint. I am interested in others' thoughts...