Coming Home: An Integral Christian Practicum

From the Coming Home site:

Coming Home: An Integral Christian Practicum is a 12-week web course designed to lead you through a Christian practice that includes everything you are now and everything you are becoming. This self-directed curriculum includes teachings by Leslie Hershberger, individual meditation practices, loads of ancillary readings, videos and audios by some of the most noted progressive Christian teachers and a private Facebook community for participants to share their common experience.

In the first half of the course, Leslie’s teachings will include: Four Perspectives of God, Re-imagining the Trinity, the Historical Jesus, Broadening Your Circle of Care, Exploring the Feminine Face of God, and Jesus in Contemporary Global Culture. The second half of the course will help you shape a new vessel for being Christian that reveals the kingdom of heaven within you now.

The course registration will be open for a limited time beginning March 21, 2011. To ensure that you don’t miss this limited time opportunity, you can fill out the email form in the right sidebar and we’ll keep you up to date.

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