Environmentalism Ignores the Power of Religious Communities At Its Peril - Let's Change That

Click here to read Treehugger's introductory article - to the series PCNV introduced in a previous post about Hinduism - where the series discusses links between major religous faiths and environmentalism. Here is a snippet:

The fact of the matter though is that, consciously or not, we have largely shied away from highlighting how communities of faith are going green, how religious values can and are being a force for furthering ecological awareness.

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  1. Being part native american, I understand this current crisis on the Missippi river as being both a contemporary and a historical crisis. In context of the environment, we are still dealing with the denial of God (i.e. using the river in the means that are appropriate; Native Americans grew rice and catfish, instead of "pig corn"). As a Christian, it's important for me to understand that rejection of a so called "foriegn" culture has resulted in an environmental disaster. We, as a people should be eating wild rice and catfish, things that are appropriate for the natural environment of the Missippi, which God has granted us with the statement: " He will provide". The disgrace is that we have the arrogance to assume that the massacre of the American people and the destruction of their culture is the will of God. Actually, he wants us to understand his gift, and praise it. Elohim.