A harmonising model of science and religion....

Our readership may find this article from Eureka Street of interest. The article focusses on the work of UK theologian and scientist John Polkinghorne and says, amongst other things...

Polkinghorne claims that the 20th century saw the death of a merely mechanical view of the world, and 21st century science has re-opened the possibility of a world that is random, unpredictable and cloudy at times; not because of the absence of God, but due to the fact that God designed a world with the ability to create and act freely, according to its nature.


  1. Amen and Amen.
    ... or rather, Amen and Eureka! : )

    I've made my own attempt for this synthesizing harmony in my new book, "Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don't like christianity" http://www.progressivechristianitybook.com

    Roger Wolsey

  2. Related to Polkinghorne's assertions, the act of shalom-making is a co-creative process in which outcomes are not fully known, nor can they be. Like the ruach that blows where it will, and the Spirit that moves among people in emergent Kingdom-making (shalom-making) processes,there are mystical and often imperceptible ways in which actors (co-creators) add to and detract from the web of life.

    As Walter Brueggemann and Albert-Laszio Barabasi, assert, life is interconnected; yet, there are some components that are dissociated. Even in our knowledge of Systems Theory, Chaos Theory, Cloud Theory, you name it theory, and centuries of theologizing, our knowing is, as Polkinghorne states and as Brueggemann writes in The Creative Word; we are not dealing with a positivism in which everything can be known.

    Therefore, we continue to dip into the mystery, into a place of being present and sensing the Ruach, the Spirit, the YHWH that is ever present and ever standing by, with, and for humankind as we journey forward with eschatological imagination and expectation