Address from Rev Dr Lorraine Parkinson: The World According to Jesus

Lorraine Parkinson recently addressed the Council of Christians and Jews in Melbourne, basing her address on her recent book The World According to Jesus: His Blueprint for the Best Possible World.

An excerpt from the address:

Christians ever since can only be grateful that the actual teachings of Jesus himself were included in the gospels and therefore passed down through the generations. Whenever the church has remembered Jesus teachings and tried to carry them out, it has been a force for good in the world. When it has forgotten the teachings and proclaimed an all conquering Messiah/Christ, it has promoted division and exclusiveness.

You can download and read the whole address by clicking here  -  [PDF; 235KB]


  1. Why call yourself progresive Christ-ians when you dont believe the Christ (Messianic) aspect of Jesus?

  2. "The question of what progressive Christians who do not believe in Jesus as the divine Messiah (or Christ), might call themselves, is a compelling one. I for one have not fully addressed this question, although it is not one which can be put to one side indefinitely. People ask me, "Are you a Christian any more?" I tend to say, "I am, in the sense that I am a follower of Jesus and I have faith in the God he reveals in his teaching." At the same time, I know that ducks the question of nomenclature. Jesus' original followers were called 'Followers of the Way'. That is one title that appeals, but as most progressive Christians tend to retain church membership, to avoid confusion they continue to use the name 'Christian'. Yet among people for whom 'progressive' means post-doctrinal, there is a kind of oxymoron in the name 'Progressive Christian'. Progressive Christians do not want to initiate a new denomination, or sect. They wish to remain as part of the mainstream church and take part in its reformation from within. So the issue of name is one which must be eventually be addressed. Thanks for 'naming' it."
    Lorraine Parkinson