Greg Jenks: Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally

Attached to this post is a transcript of a dynamic presentation to the launch of the Westar Institute Bible Seminar in Berkeley, California by Australian Academic Rev Dr Gregory Jenks.

Here is a short excerpt from the address:

All of this has implications for theologians, for churches, and for everyday people of faith. The first and most far-reaching implication is that the Bible is simply not capable of sustaining all the demands made of it. The more we know about the Bible, the worlds from which it derives, and the dynamics of reading any text in our own time and place, the less the Bible is able to live up to our expectations. For its own sake as much as for ours, the Bible needs a demotion.

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  1. It does indeed need a demotion, far too much has been attributed to this amazing book creating all manner of misuse and abuse creating the wildest most outrageous happenings. Little surprise when we are, lead to believe, that this same manic conviction of its infalliblity, is almost as if they were there when God was all but left with the pen- or any other more relevant object- in hand with ink dripping and the page still wet. In my own tradition the literality of the Bible was used as a form of abuse. It was set in concrete creating ridged, inflexible outcomes.