What do we mean by G-O-D? Text & Audio files now available

Text file now available for this event. The file includes the text of the three addresses, a summary of the event prepared for the PCNV by Rev Dr Lorraine Parkinson and the text of a response to the afternoon's topic by Secretary of the Atheists Society, David Miller.

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Audio files from this event are now available.

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The details of the original event are below.


Lorna Henry, Durham Smith and John Bodycomb will share personal views and ways in which God is part of their lives.

When: Sunday 22 July 2012.
3.00pm to 5.00pm

Where: Glen Iris Uniting Church
Glen Iris Rd near the corner with High Street Road
(Melway Map 60 A9) Parking in church grounds and nearby streets

Cost: $7, $5 for PCNV members

See the PCNV July Newsletter for more information.

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  1. I have just read the text of the addresses by Durham Smith, Lorna Henry, and John Bodycomb on what they mean by G-O-D. However, I am bothered by the idea that God is mystical and unknowable.
    I have for some time been dis-illusioned by the traditional concept of God as a supernatural mystical, but human-like, being, and of the traditional view that God is ultimately unknowable. We should at least be able to say something about the idea of God which is understandable and relevant to ordinary human experience. The bible gives us a solid and understandable definition of God in the sentence 'God is Love'. Love is an inter-personal relationship which we all understand, and the idea that God is a relationship, or feeling between people, is compatible with almost all references to God in the New Testament. It also fits with Jesus' comment that the kingdom of God is within us.

    If we get rid of all the unprovable traditional teaching about God, which has mostly been invented by humans since the bible was written, and was not mentioned by Jesus, we are left with God as the sum total of all the love, kindness and compassion in the world. This concept of God fits all we need to know about God and is compatible with everything in the New Testament. Jesus understood this, and his death, which demonstrates his love for us, shows just how strong the power of love is.
    Note that a description of God as Love does not exclude the possibility that "he" is other things as well, but we have no proof, or even any indication, that God is creator or judge. Describing God as 'Love' should satisfy the atheists that we are talking about something which they, and everyone, knows exists.

    Harley Powell