Australian Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) Speaks Out on Submission Vows in Marriage Ceremonies

A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) has made its latest public statement against marriage vows which require submission by woment in marriage.
The statement reads in part:
Men and Women are Equal in Marriage

Are women to be submissive to men? Is the husband to be the power-holder in the marriage relationship, with the wife required to be submissive to him?

Progressive Christians believe that such an unjust structure of marriage is not to be encouraged.

True, such structural inequality was voiced in the marriage vows required to be taken by women in Christian ch...
urches for centuries. It stems from the strongly entrenched patriarchal gender roles that the the Bible, reflecting ancient middle-eastern patriarchal society, endorsed. Not even so-called "Bible-based" churches now endorse such role expectations as women being required to be silent (1 Timothy 2:11-12) or women being blamed for being childless (Luke 1:25)

But progressive Christians support the equality of authority that now marks relations between husbands and wives in contemporary Australian marriage. Such equality reflects, in part, the leavening brought by Christian insights into the marriage relationship.
The remainder of the statement can be read at APCVA's Facebook page.....

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