Scholars Study Book of Acts as Second-Century Myth of Christian Origins

Have a look at this blog entry at the Westar site and some of the significant discussion that it generated:
Polebridge Press recently released the final report of a decade-long study on the biblical book of Acts carried out by the Acts Seminar, a collaborative research effort led by scholars affiliated with the Westar Institute. Acts and Christian Beginnings: The Acts Seminar Report was launched at Westar Institute’s “Early Christianity: Heritage or Heresies?” Conference in Santa Rosa, California, on Friday, October 25th. Members of the Acts Seminar were present to comment on the report. The Acts Seminar scholars set out to answer the questions, “When was Acts written? What historically can Acts tell us about Christian origins?”

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  1. I gained the impression whilst reading his "Lost Christianities" that Bart Ehrman is suggesting that Paul, as portrayed in Acts, is a deliberate white-wash of Paul's self-portrayal in his Epistles.