Biblical Wisdom Literature and Christian Theology

Hebrew Testament student, researcher, translator and teach Graham Ogden has penned the following essay which he has made available for reading by friends of PCNV. The summary of the article is:

Jesus, whatever else he was, was a Sage. His pithy sayings and parables indicate that he belonged to the ancient Israelite Wisdom tradition. That tradition must have been fully integrated into Israel's broad theological scene, but modern Christian theologians have found it nigh on impossible to incorporate that tradition into their theological structures. This is perhaps more true of the Protestant or Reformed tradition than of the Roman, but the overwhelming problem for Christian theology generally is that the Wisdom perspective cannot be made to fit into its narrower view. This is because of the essential nature of the Wisdom perspective given its international, and seemingly more “secular” approach to its advice, dependent upon shared human experience rather than on an external source of revelation. The essay will look at the many issues raised by Israel's Wisdom tradition and its possible contribution to a more “progressive” theology.

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