Text and Audio Files from February Meeting: The Relevance of Jesus for Us Today

Text Files are now available from the February 2014 meeting. To access the files click right here (208 KB; PDF)

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The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria
invites you to
The Relevance of Jesus for Us Today
April Robinson, Alys Gagnon and Laura Cregan
A panel of people with with diverse professional backgrounds offer contemporary perspectives on Jesus with the emphasis on experience
WHEN: Sunday 23 February 2014
3.00pm to 5.00pm
WHERE: Glen Iris Road Uniting Church,
Glen Iris Road near the corner with High Street Road
Melway Map 60 A9. Parking in church grounds and the street.
APRIL ROBINSON: Jesus as Spiritual Guide: What Jesus might mean in the contemporary pluralistic world?
April notes that it’s often easier knowing what you don’t want, rather than what you do. With two young children, she started a degree in psychology but quickly learnt that was not what she wanted and found her place in community development.
Now through her Interfaith Relationships role with Uniting Church and her honours study, she has the opportunity to work in and research those places where race, religion, culture and identity meet in understanding ourselves. She works with a range of different media, melding poetry and performance with the esoteric and pragmatic, creating spaces for not only herself but others to explore and communicate how we understand ourselves, those around us and the communities in which we live.
ALYS GAGNON: Jesus as Social Prophet: Jesus and “son of God” metaphors; Can they still be a useful model for how to act justly in the current World?
Alys is a campaigner and organiser with over a decade of experience in progressive politics. This included work for State and Federal Labor MPs, and over five years in the National headquarters of the ALP. In 2013 she worked as a National Organiser on the Federal Election campaign, with responsibility for the ground campaigns in two states.
Alys is a lifelong Anglican who now works for the Uniting Church, Justice and International Mission in a role that, hand in hand with church members, lobbies and campaigns on social justice issues, both local and international and targeting Governments and corporate organisations.
LAURA CREGAN: Jesus as Movement Maker: Does the emphasis on Jesus detract from sense of Divinity in us all? Does Jesus keep getting in the way of what Jesus really has to offer?
Laura is currently a School Liaison worker with the Uniting Church in Melbourne. She came to Melbourne in January last year from Wollongong where she worked as a Child Youth and Family worker. Prior to this, in Newcastle, Laura worked in a range of capacities with at risk children, youth and families including School Chaplaincy in the Public School sector, casework and residential care work with teenagers in out of home care.
Laura has also worked on a range of programs such as helping early leavers; a program for teenagers who have been removed from School, School mentoring with the Catholic Schools office and is a facilitator for children and young people with the Season for Growth program assisting individuals with grief and loss.
Laura is currently a student at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Melbourne where she is developing a project for teenagers in out of Home Care. Her faith background has included involvement with Catholic, Pentecostal and Uniting Churches. Laura completed her Undergraduate degree in Social Work from Newcastle University and her Masters degree in Theology through the Sydney College of Divinity.

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