Progressive Wisdom Ways

On Sunday 27 July the PCNV meeting heard presentations from Coralie Ling and Graham Ogden about Progressive Christianity and Wisdom. Recent biblical scholarship has given increased attention to a neglected part of Jewish and Christian traditions about Wisdom that open fresh understandings of Jesus with implications for progressive Christianity.

GRAHAM OGDEN discussed the special features of Old Testament Wisdom literature (Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiates) that make it unique in the Old Testament. It ignores the features of ancient Israelite history and its traditions and leaders and instead derives its advice from human experience. There are insights for a more progressive Christian theology. 

Graham has academic qualifications from Australia, Durham in UK and Princeton in USA, is the author of a number of biblical commentaries, and has missionary experience with CMS in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. He is currently working on a new Chinese Study Bible.

Graham is a long term member of PCNV.
CORALIE LING spoke about the liberating Sophia/Wisdom experience that she has
had along with many feminist theologians, members of discussion groups and some
congregations. Wisdom theology has strong ecological and mystical dimensions and shares
these dimensions with process theology. 

Coralie is a feminist liberation theologian with an interest in creative liturgy and multi-faith perspectives. She currently convenes the women’s committee of the Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA). She is a Uniting Church minister, ordained 45 years ago, and has worked in a number of country and city churches. Coralie is on the Committee of PCNV.

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